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Robert Herjavec’s Car Collection

Robert Herjavec, a serial entrepreneur and CEO of The Herjavec Group shows off his small car collection. Robert Herjavec built his fortune by starting IT security companies and selling them to large companies for many millions. Robert’s 50,000 S.F Canadian mansion is also another hot internet topic.Too bad the knowledge about his own cars is not half as good as his knowledge about IT security.

Hey Robert, Lamborghini does not make a “Gallardo Roadster”. That’s the Murcielago. The Gallardo is called the “Spyder”. And how does the soft top fold down into a hard top? WTF?

Did you just hand your personal assistant a blank check and tell them to go buy those cars? Cause you don’t know jack squat about them.

Those things that go up and down on the side of the Murcielago that you think are so cool? Those are cooling vents that go up and down depending on the engine temperature, just like an engine fan turns on and off. They are called “bat wings” which is where the name “Murcielago” came from. It means “bat”.