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Nicolas Cage’s Spending Spree Leads To Debt

Nicolas Cage’s 10 year spending spree has finally lead to financial problems for the superstar actor. Nicolas Cage has filed a suit against his manager claiming that he mishandled his money, but it’s suspected that Cage’s financial problems are more likey the result of a lavish lifestyle and endless spending spree.

It seems part or Nicolas Cage’s problem is his taste for exotic cars, multiple expensive mansions. It’s reported that Nicolas Cage has purchased almost $9,000,000 in exotic cars over the past 10 years. He also owns several pieces or real estate all over the world. One of those being a $25 million dollar house in France and several houses in the United States, one of which is a $30 million house in Los Angeles. On top of that the Feds have gone after Nicolas Cage claiming $6 million in unpaid taxes. It’s looking grim for Cage.