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MLM Kingpin’s House Is Foreclosed & Sold

The self-proclaimed Amway/Quixtar MLM kingpin David Shores who claimed he and his wife were “diamond level” distributors making $1,000,000 a year from the company have crumbled back to reality. Just months ago David was giving a speech at an MLM convention and boasting about how much money he was making each year with MLM, and how the company has given him financial independence. David was there to teach others how they could do the same as him. He went on to brag about how wealthy he is and how the three children are home schooled, and they all travel and take vacations as they please. Life sounded wonderful and full of joy. The American dream.

Well, obviously he was not telling the truth. Months after giving that speech, David could not make the payments on the construction of his new home in Montana. He abandoned it and walked away. The bank repossessed the house and sold it at auction.

David, his wife and the children have since moved into a small house they are renting in Utah. For some reason they are still listed as “diamond level” distributors with Amway/Quixtar meaning they claim they are making $1,000,000+ a year.

Something is rotten in Denmark….