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Billionaire Profile: Nicolas Berggruen

Just because you have not heard of him does not mean he’s not mega rich. Nicolas Berggruen is a 46 year old billionaire who’s net worth is an estimated $3 billion and counting fast. Nicolas Berggruen is the CEO of Liberty Acquisition Holdings Corporation and holds a seat on the board. He made his fortune from what he calls “value investing”. Now he’s doing what one might jokingly call “real world investing”. He’s dumping money into rice farms in Asia, renewably energy in Turkey such as windmill farms and real estate around the world. His new goal in life since he made his billions is to make a difference in the world.

What’s interesting about Nicolas Berggruen is even though he has billions, he owns nothing material. Yes, he’s a billionaire and does not own a expensive vacation home in the French Alps, no mansion in Miami Beach, and even sold his car years ago. In fact he does not even rent a house. He lives in hotels and lives out of suitcases. His reason for not owning a house and not having interesting in owning anything material? “I don’t need it” he simply states.

He has nothing against people that own giant mansions and drive $300,000 cars. He says “Money and material items are not important to me, and I don’t want the responsibility of owning them. I just want to change people’s lives for the better in hopes the changes will last a lifetime”.